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Alternative Funeral Vehicles

Using an alternative hearse within funeral packages is becoming more popular. What was once a niche market, unusual hearses are now setting a trend for send-offs, with one in fifteen funerals held within the UK featuring a non-traditional hearse. 

A growing number of requests now reflect the interests or jobs of the deceased, with popular requests ranging from motorbike or tractor hearses, to horse drawn and TV series themed hearses.

Here at Bate & Holland we have contact with various unusual and customised hearse companies. Please see below a few examples of our "unique" funeral vehicles. Should you have any requests regarding alternative hearses, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Black Horse Drawn Hearse

Our black horse drawn hearse is available with teams of 2 or 4 horses. The plumes and covers are interchangeable, and can be any colour you desire. The hearse is also in black to match the horses, and is a beautiful way for your loved one to make their final journey.


White Horse Drawn Hearse

The white horse drawn hearse is normally a popular choice for children or a younger person's funeral, but is a striking addition to any funeral. Again, the white horse drawn hearse comes with teams of either 2 or 4 horses, with interchangeable plumes and covers.

Motorcycle Hearse

Our motorcycle and sidecar hearse is a must for any avid motorcyclist or motorbike fan. Your loved one will be carried within the sidecar part of the hearse, whilst fully qualified personnel will man the motorcycle. The motorcycle hearse is increasing in popularity, and can certainly provide a last ride that any motorcyclist would love.


Sports Themed Hearse

The sports themed hearse can literally be created to any requirements you have. Should it be a specific sports team or sport, the vehicle will be re-designed to suit you needs. In this example, the sports themed hearse is kitted out for an avid Newcastle United fan. Your loved one will be travelling in a bespoke vehicle that is unique to them, and it would definitely suit anyone wishing to arrive in style!

Only Fools and Horses Hearse

We are so happy to be able to offer our Only Fools and Horses hearse. It is surely a must for any fan of Del Boy and the series, and is certainly a unique addition to any funeral package! Del's famous Robin Reliant will be at the head of the cortege, and would lead your loved one on their final journey in a remarkable fashion- "luvvly jubbly".

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